About a Song

January 27, 2008


Overhead cables


Neon lit

City’s unfeeling

Fitting in

Power – passing cars burning oil, fumes, smoke, people encased in metal.  Loose people, ill people, pretty girls, businesspeople, unemployed people, poor people.  Retail.  Commercial radio stations.  Constant noise, constant motion.  Constantly alone in a crowd, it’s just the way I feel. 


Any idea is potentially amazing.  It all depends on the work and application you give to it.  The initial spark then the renunciation, moving away from it.


Perhaps it’s more valuable to be dogged and determined to see something through than it is to be creative.


Miles of wires.



City song – about finally questioning it as a final destination.  Wondering  ‘did it work out like I thought it would?’  That I’m doing what I wanted to do when I got here, six years ago.  Even so?’


St Peter’s Square

Trying to fit in.


Stuck on my own in a hometown I don’t know.


Song is about – morning train to Salford Quays, evening 86 bus home, feeling tired, loneliness, drought, beautiful women, frustration, alienation, questioning the future.  To summarise?  Overhead lines, streetlights, concrete, cars, alcohol, cigarettes, basslines, too much information, cul-de-sacs, wrong ways, long way, holding on, watching people, missing people, missing out.  Things not happening whilst other things happen.  Trying all the while.  Modern city power waves, who conducts the flow?  Simultaneously drained and inspired by this place.  It sucks me dry, but it maintains.   It never wants to let me stop, but it allows me to be the person I want to be, if I can just keep going.

It’s a thrilling ride, this information stream that buoys you along, makes you feel connected to something massive and pulsating and real and solid and digital and little shards of information come at you out of this monstrous machine.  You get out what you put into it.


Crossing from dreaming to perceiving something as a goal, into acting it out.  Heavy weather, tramlines stretching from St Peter’s Square out, off towards Salford Quays in the grey, unremittingly grey Monday morning, 7:30, waiting for a tram.  The lines stretch away.  


In a way, it was fine to be up and around so early, the world is fresher at that time.  The traffic hadn’t really started up, so the air was less dense.  I loved the freshness of the air around me.

Then I headed into the workplace.  Information crunching, just numbers, digits, data.  They were shocked at how fast I was.  They wanted to keep me, but I was suicidal with boredom by the end of the day.  Nobody spoke to me, nobody knew me. 


I made instant coffees at the instant coffee machine and wrote a fascinated dissection of this bovine girl who worked opposite me, who had nothing to say, who fingered her mobile so lovingly through her lunch break, waiting for messages.  She was permanent there.  I wrote it on a piece of lined paper at my desk and stuffed it into my back pocket.  


This song is called…


I digressed.


It’s about what it says, the lyric are transparent, uncomplicated.  It’s not about you, it’s absolutely true, it’s about me.  

Can’t call it that, though.


Escape, take off


Themes – alienation, frozenness, delusions, unreality, love, fear, hope, change, defiance, individuality, resistance, sense of changing, knowing that something is changing and being powerless to stop it.  Looking ahead, wondering how you will deal with change.  

Very hopeful song.

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