The Red Pool

January 27, 2008

The Red Pool


Emitting from the earth,

but faintly,

Nature pushes forth green shoots,

slender ideas,

until poison smothers them.



nature tries to find a way,

but it is dosed and dosed

with yet more lead.


Fumes pumped,

gases sprayed,




I was raised in the hothouse

under strong lights,

in fertile soil,

then sold to a middle man

and transported to town.


I was hawked around,

but no-one took the bait.

I ceased to be a priority to my owner,

who sensed profit in others

and so could hardly be blamed

for forgetting about me.


Money’s all there is,

it makes the world go round.

Money must be got,

or you can’t survive.


No matter what you will to do,

if it can’t pay, then you

will inevitably slip away from it

to take up more profitable concerns.


It can’t be helped.

The paucity of our mental condition,

the corpses on the television.


I saw a man shot in the head,

I didn’t know how to react.

It didn’t feel real.


It looked real.

Still bones, hair

and the red pool.

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