January 28, 2008

Bringing you the local news! Sports! Travel! Crime! Chit-chat!

Playing you the best of 60s, 70s, 80s, right through to the now!


Playing you the local hopefuls! Who are legion!

Distracting you from reality in the course of your day!


Non-stop, non-stop, non-stop, non-stop,

Non-stop, non-stop, non-stop, non-stop!


Offering slants on global situations / injustice!



the great, lyric ‘I’

goes on and on,

impervious to the outside world,

unimpressed by other people and their travails.


The New City Radio

proclaims the abolition of pain

by our new civic leaders,

swept into power

by a mandate of the majority

of 28% of the voters.


The other 72% were working,



watching television,


away on business,

on holiday,


or incapacitated.

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