Diary 29/10/10

October 29, 2010

OK, so I am listening to Katy Lied by Steely Dan on repeat while I work today.

The Man Don’t Give A Fuck by Super Furry Animals is based on a Steely Dan sample. Apparently, the Dan turned down the sample request flat, but relented when they were offered 95% of the proceeds….

The refreshing thing about this album is that it’s just so different from what I usually find myself listening to. They’re cheesy bastards and the one with the fruitier voice annoys me at times (his lyrics are too ‘I’ focused), but they’re also capable of producing incredible melodic moments. Plus they focused pretty closely on their harmonies.  From a technical standpoint, you can’t fault them.

Trev has lent me some stuff by a band called Best Coast, so I’ll listen to that and see if I can move on from the Dan….

In other news, finished season two of Damages. Enjoyed the fact that the corrupt energy trader character, a coke, hookers and stiletto-dagger kind of a guy, is the spit of George Osborne. It became so fast-paced and twisty towards the end of the series that I gave up trying to keep up and just went with it. As these things are wont to do, it wrapped up pretty neatly in the end.  Good entertainment.


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